Wow, what a weekend!

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The Gearheads had a couple of intense days!  We competed in the Gitchee Gumee Get Together in Duluth.  We started out with field connectivity problems, broken plexiglass, and had a few heart stopping moments. We improved steadily as the competiton progresssed.  A couple of highlights include a successful goal in autonomous, and our first successful scale.  This competition is designed to give students who have not driven the robot before, a chance to get their hands on the controls.  Jaeger and Rose tried their hand at both driver and codriver, and Jaeger, Brandon and Nathan also played the role of "human player".

  When it came time for alliance selection we were  pleased to be selected by Agate Robotics FRC Team 4656 (AKA Rock Solid Robotics) to be a part of the 4th place alliance, along with The Fighting Calculators- FRC Team 2175.  We were competing against the first place ranked alliance.  We came within 20 seconds of upsetting them (twice!!).  We were ahead in the last 20 seconds of the first tie-breaker match, when the match had to be restarted due to a field fault.  (A field fault is when a part of one of the game pieces is damaged and the match needs to be stopped so that it can be repaired.). It happened again with a similarly low number of seconds left on the clock.  While we did not win (the 3rd try for) the tie-breaker, we did go on to defeat the 3rd place ranked alliance and bring home the 3rd place award!  

We also enjoyed the opportunity to meet, and spend time with, 17 other FIRST teams, and have some good fun with other people who also love robot.



The students, plus Corey and Nick, in our pit.


Our successful scale!


Our alliance partner, 4656 Rock Solid Robotics, used our team flag as a defense.


the Team with our 3rd place award!



The award, on our robot cart

There are more new pictures of this event, plus parades on our Flickr page. Here is a link

Also, I made a video, which you can find on my youtube channel here:


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