Week 2 was Colorful!

Posted by GearHead On January 23, 2018 Comments Off on Week 2 was Colorful!

Last week we started painting the frame, and gearbox mounts.  We are painting them team colors- orange and blue.


On Friday, the students went to the hub meeting and had a learning curve on how to work unsupervised and how to put the frame together. They kind of figured it out, but they put some parts upside down and had to fix it later. They had gotten help from other teams but they didn't know what we wanted. On Monday the students put the frame back together and made some modifications and are making final decisions on the robot frame. We also painted a few more parts of the robot.

Some of the other students are working on the bumper system and figuring out what to do.



Dave and Natalie Fischer are working on the cube intake backstop. Soon we will start working on the actual intake and the lift system to raise the robot onto the bar.



We are looking forward to watching the robot take shape over the next couple of weeks.


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