Update 3/7/14: Autonomous And Bag & Tag!

Posted by Freamon Richardsfink On March 7, 2014 Comments Off on Update 3/7/14: Autonomous And Bag & Tag!

As work on the robot comes to a close, people slow down to admire the work that we have done this year. Testing of the robot's autonomous setting began a few hours before the end of Bag &Tag, that's up and running now, heres a clip!

 In other news, the drive team has been picked. Kevin Johnson and Haack are the driver and co-driver and Andrew is the human player this year. But work is not done, at least not on the Robot, sorting of the cage and tools is what the Build team is working on. Programming is keeping up the work on getting last year's robot to run for demos. The problem was the dashboard camera would not pick up the data that it needs to but they got that out of the way and now it on to run the camera code for this years robot on the old one. So we are up from last year, that’s for darn sure! As for the rest of us, the days are not as long as they where during build, but there is no lack of important work that needs to be done, not only to be fully prepared for competition but also to start laying the groundwork for a successful 2015 season.


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