The In Between Time

Posted by Lori Dale On April 3, 2018 Comments Off on The In Between Time

We are back from the Medtronic Foundation Regional, and still very happy about our second place finish, the Innovation and control Award, sponsored by Rockwell, and our having qualified for both Championships, later this month, and State, in May.IMG_20180402_202432837

The plaques that we received to go with our trophy's


Our Finalist Trophy


Innovation in Control Award Trophy

That leaves us very busy preparing for Championships.  Last night we began, and nearly completed, the job of making a crate to ship our robot off to Detroit for Championships.  That should happen fairly soon.  


The robot being crated up to go to Detroit

. We are also busy preparing our tool carts, letting the St. Cloud area newspapers and communty know about our qualification win, and working on raising the support that we will need for the trip. If you can help us, please contact us at  any amount would help!


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