The deed is done…

Posted by Nathan Block On February 29, 2016 Comments Off on The deed is done…

Today is the first Monday after stop build and bag and tag. We are now waiting for our regionals to begin so we can compete.Since build season is over, one of the mentors 'strongly urged' me to blog about some of the less appreciated groups of the team. The least recognized group is media. Our photo guy is named Kelly, who takes the photos and tends to be behind the camera more than the times he is in front of it. Our second least appreciated group is called Freamon (He is a one of a kind, uncategorizable individual). Freamon is our most versatile student who is a Jack of almost all trades, he is easily recognized by his trench coat, braided beard, and long hair that, when asked, he calls "Fabulous darling!" The final group I will mention is the bloggers. The bloggers (Freamon and I) are responsible for creating blogs, adding events, maintaining the website, and making new tabs on the website. We are usually spending most of the time on one of the laptops during robotics. While on the topic of non-build teams, I am also the safety captain and expert on rules.  Here are some pictures of the people mentioned. 





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