SUPER Sir Ants-A-Bot Goes to Detroit!

Posted by Lori Dale On April 10, 2018 Comments Off on SUPER Sir Ants-A-Bot Goes to Detroit!

The spawn of our 2016's robot Sir-Ants-A-Bot, SUPER Sir-Ants-A-Bot, is off on his solo adventure to meet up with others like himself from far away lands at the new competition fields in Detroit. His team will meet up with him Apr 25 to collaborate and compete on the arcade where it will be guaranteed non stop action. Join us live as we Power Up the arcade Apr 26-28.  We will post a link to the livestream closer to the competition.

Goodbye Super Sir Antsabot! (1) Goodbye Super Sir Antsabot! (5)

SUPER Sir Ants-A-Bot in his crate, being loaded on the FedEx truck.  

Meanwhile, the team is working on preparations for Championships.  We set up our pit, to try out some new arrangements, continued sorting out and organizing our tool carts, and made some replacement parts for our robot, in case the need should arise.


Colton making replacement parts for the robot


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