State and Summer Are Coming!

Posted by Lori Dale On May 8, 2018 Comments Off on State and Summer Are Coming!

This week the Gearheads are preparing for the upcoming Minnesota State Robotics competition on May 19.  We are looking forward to giving Super Sir Antsabot another chance to show off what he can do.  The competition will be in Mariucci Arena on the U of M campus.  We have never competed there, so this will be a change of pace for us.

After that we have several summer activities coming up. We will be participating in the Waite Park parade with the library, and the St. Cloud and St. Joseph parades. We are currently getting Candybot cleaned up from his winters rest, and preparing him for another parade season.  We usually make some modifications every year, so there will be some new things to show off.

 We will be participating in the Gitchi Gummi Get Together in July.  This competition has a real soft spot in our hearts.  We came in 3rd in 2016, and won last year.  We are hoping to have fun and do well this time around too.  This competition is designed to introduce new students to a FIRST competition, and for team member to try out drive team roles in a lower pressure environment, so if there are students interested in joining the team, now would be a good time to come and see what we are all about.  We think that they will be glad that they did!

Though dates have not been scheduled yet, we will be having some fundraisers this summer.  Our trip to Championships in Detroit cost us about $25,000. We have currently raised about $5,000 toward the cost.  Obviously that leaves a big gap.  Stay tuned for further word on when and where these events will be happening.  We anticipate at least one will involve a restaurant in the St. Cloud area, and who doesn't like to eat?!  Of course we would gladly welcome any donations to cover the cost of our trip.  

Here are some pictures form this week


Natalie working on Candybot


Colton, also working on Candybot


Dave and Kaylin doing a parts inventory list, so we can find them quickly at competition.  


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