Spring Break Demos

Posted by Lori Dale On March 13, 2018 Comments Off on Spring Break Demos

  This week is Spring Break for St. Cloud, but the team is not taking a break.  This week we demoed our robot to two of our sponsors.  On Monday, we demoed our robot for the employees at Electrolux, and today (Tuesday) we demoed for the local Machinists and Mechanics Lodge. Three members of  the Albany team joined us to show their robot and highlight the different ways that teams can take to approach the yearly challenge.  The Gearheads are fortunate enough to share a student team member, Natlie Fischer, with the Albany team, and her father, Dave, as a Mentor.  Their presence on the team has been invaluable.


Austin explaining the robot to Electrolux employee's


Austin, Corey, Natalie and Zach at demo at Union Hall

Union Hall Demo

Dave and Corey driving the Albany bot (ours is in the background)


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