Rocker Bogey, Carts and Jumpstart

Posted by carrie block On November 28, 2017 Comments Off on Rocker Bogey, Carts and Jumpstart

This week we split up and did several different things. Some members worked on drilling holes in our toolcarts. By drilling holes we can put dowels in so that our containers don't fall out when we push our carts.

Some people also worked on a rocker bogey. The rocker bogey idea is still for our stair climbling brainstom activity. We are trying to find the best way to climb stairs so that if and when it is needed, we have a good and working strategy to climb the stairs. It also teaches some of the newer students how to work together on a smaller activity that is important and needs to work. It teaches students to work fluently together without getting in each other's way or messing up the project.

Another group worked on an improved banner for our pit. This Saturday, we will be participating in Jumpstart. It is a training day for local FIRST Robotics Competitions teams.  In addition to attending classes and learning skills to improve our team, we will be participating in a team showcase, and a robot and pit showcase. We will be showcasing our pit for Jumpstart on a safe and effective pit. That is why we chose to upgrade our banner and our toolcarts now. In addition, coach Corey will be teaching a class on Robot Builder, a way to program FRC robots, and David Dale, an alumni and current mentor, will be teaching a class on social media and websites.  


The improved banner.


Carter, Jaeger, Christopher and Carrie posing for the camera between jobs.


For futher information about Jumpstart here is a link:


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