Press Release: Gearheads Place High in FIRST Robotics World Championship

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The Granite City Gearheads wrapped up their competition at the FIRST Robotics World Championships today, ending with a ranking of 19th of 67 in their division. Although overall rankings are not provided, a count of teams with higher rankings in other divisions places the Gearheads at an estimated 118th overall of 405 teams who made World Championship, and roughly in the top 15% of 4,517 active teams worldwide. 

The Gearheads will also be competing in the upcoming Minnesota State Robotics Competition on May 19, at Mariucci Arena on the U of M campus.   

The Gearheads will be demonstrating their robot at some community events this week, and this summer.  They will be at the Discovery School Avid/Career day, on May 1st and at Talahi school on May 3rd, and will be participating in parades this summer in St. Cloud, St. Joseph, and possibly Waite Park. They will also be hosting a number of community fundraising events and recruiting more sponsors in the near future to rebuild funds spent on Championships. 

The Gearheads welcome potential new members who are ages 14-18, living in the district 742 area, or other nearby school districts if they do not have a FIRST team.They would also consider students who are 13 years old who apply, to be considered on a case by case basis. FIRST Robotics Competiton is one of four programs run by FIRST. The other programs serve students in Kindergarten-12th grade.  FIRST Robotics Competition is the 'flagship' program, designed for high school students with an interest in Science technology, engineering, and mathematics.  It gives students hands-on opportunities to learn designing, machining, CAD, programming, and robotics.  Students run the team and have the opportunity to learn how to run the business of the team in such areas as budgeting, fundraising, promoting the team, social media, and web design.  Other areas that interested students can explore if interested are 3D animation, videography, mentoring other (younger) FIRST teams and safety.

FIRST currently offers over $50 million dollars in scholarships to graduating seniors, and FIRST members are highly sought out by local colleges and universities.  

FIRST  is a worldwide organization and is separate from VEX Robotics, which is more well known locally.  FIRST  is actually larger and older than VEX.  FRC fields are larger than those of VEX, and the robots are also larger and more complex than those of VEX.  Here is a picture of an FRC field from this years game:


This years game is built around an arcade theme, with the teams competing to deliver "power cubes" to the switch (low "teeter-totter"), scale (high"teeter-totter"), and exchange.  Teams earn points for having control of the switch and scale, and climbing a bar to "meet the boss" at the end of the match.

For more information about the Gearheads contact them at, or go to their website at

For more information about FIRST go to their website at 


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