Kick Off is Coming!!!!

Posted by Lori Dale On January 2, 2018 Comments Off on Kick Off is Coming!!!!

We hope that everyone had a nice Christmas and New Years celebration.  Of course that means that we did not meet, so we have no highlights of the last week to share, but we do have something to talk about.  

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We are all excitedly waiting for Kick Off, and the announcement of the game challenge for the year.  We are doing somethind new, for us, this year.  We will be attending Kick Off with our Central Minnesota Robotics Hub partners at Becker High School.  In addition to the Kick Off video, we will be able to see a mock up of the playing field, check out the Robot in 3 days (Ri3d) build, and brainstorm with other area teams.  Of course that is just the start of build season, and 45 days of the "hardest fun ever"!

If anyone wants to see the challenge for themselves, here is a link (it wont be up until Saturday morning at about 9:00am)

It is not too late for interested High School students to join our team.  They, or their parents, can contact us at our gmail ( for more information.  We have a fun night of bowling scheduled for Thursday (Jan. 4) at Southway Bowl.  That would be a great time to meet the team and mentors. 


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