Home Again, and Demo’s

Posted by Lori Dale On May 3, 2018 Comments Off on Home Again, and Demo’s

The team returned home Sunday night, and we are all trying to catch up on homework, work, and our sleep.  That does not mean that we are idle though, we had our regular meeting on Monday, where we started cleaning Candybot up and getting it ready for parade season. On Tuesday we demo'ed the robot for the Discovery School AVID/Career day.  We will be doing another Demo on Thursday at Talahi Elementary.  We also still have the Minnesota State Robotics Competition coming up on May 19.  

Here are some pictures of the demo at Discovery


Corey talking to the students (future team members?) while watching the robot


Corey talking to 2 other students




The Fischer sisters at the meeting Monday,. Here, Natalie is preparing to work on Candybot, our parade robot, and Kaylin is "really getting into the Gearhead thing" I am not sure if it's obvious but she wound a cardboard gear through her hair.  She is helping to catalogue locations of our parts and supplies.by their bin.


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