Build Season Week 3

Posted by GearHead On January 30, 2018 Comments Off on Build Season Week 3

This is week 3, and we have reached the half way point of build season.  The robot is starting to take shape.  We have the basic design of the cube manipulator, and are working on the scissors for the climb at the end of the match. We even got started on the bumpers


Our robot earlier in the week, working on motors, and cube intake


robot frame in the foreground, and the beginning of the scissors in the background, tonight

Taylor, our new Safety Captain and a couple of the mentors (Bruce, and Zach) created a safety glasses holder for the end of one of our tool carts, so they could always be close at hand.  Taylor is studying the safety manual and considering what steps that we can take to increase, and share, our team safety culture.  


Taylor posing with the safety glasses holder/storage

We also met with our Central Minnesota Robotics Hub partners last Friday, and had the chance to show off the progress of our robot build, so far.




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