Build Season Week 1

Posted by Lori Dale On January 16, 2018 Comments Off on Build Season Week 1

It is a little over a week into build season, and we are hard at work planning for this years robot.  The team has adapted our tower climber from FIRST Stronghold (2016) to use to test the climber function of this years robot.  We are brainstorming the best way to meet the challenge for the year.  Currently we are leaning toward a new and improved version of Sir Antsabot, from 2016.  Here we are testing the climber to see how our 2 armed climber would work with a climb on one hook


The test showed that a scissor design similar to Sir Antsabot will work, but we will need longer pieces on the bars.

Here is a group of students working on taking Sir Antsabot apart to use  a few of the pieces for this years robot.


We would welcome interested students and their parents to stop by and visit us at one of our meetings.  So if you are curious, stop by and see us!


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