2018 Students

Posted by Nathan Block On February 5, 2016 Comments Off on 2018 Students

Austin Applegate
This is my third year on the team. I am the main driver for the team. Alongside robotics I am part of Football, and weight lift during the winter, spring, and summer when football is out of season. I enjoy both math and science.
Hannah Applegate
This is my second year on the team. I am on the team because I like to problem solve and because there is nothing like the rush you get at competition.
Taylor Bauer
This is my first year on the team. I saw the robot at Apollos open house and I thought it was interesting so I joined and that's that. BANANA MAN OUT!!!!!
Brandon Block
This is my third year on the team. I joined my freshman year mainly because of my brother Nathan, I saw how cool the competition was down in the cities and wanted to join the team. Each year I find myself learning more and more than the previous year and hope to have robotics in my future career.
Carrie Block
This is my first year on the team. I got interested because I was really amazed to see so many different robots do the same thing at the cities competition and wanted a deeper understanding for it. I am in a woods shop at my school and find building things to be fun, so I joined the team.
Carter Calhoun
This is my first year on the team. I joined because of my friend jaeger and the love of engineering. I'm related to Vice President John C. Calhoun. Also i'm the fat man of the team! I make games in my free time and I love doing it!
Madison Dobis
This is my first year in robotics! Im very excited to further my knowledge and growing interest in how robots work. Also I am exited to meet all the new people and learn more from them as well:)
Bailey Dumonceaux
This is my first year on the Robotics team. I became very interested in robotics because of my interest in math and science as well as learning more about how everything works!
Natalie Fischer
This is my first year on the team. I joined the team because I watched my brother at competitions, and it sparked my interest in robotics.
Justin Fischer
Programming and Media
Justin joined our team to be our Media person, but he is also a programmer, and driver for the team in Albany, and will probably lend a hand at that here.
Colton Hennek
New Member
Colton just joined the team, and he is trying out new roles. Welcome, Colton!
Jaeger Johnson
This is my fourth year on the team. i am the student lead builder. I plan on coming back next year and being a mentor. I plan on majoring in electrical engineering because of robotics. I like to say "90% of what we have learned is by making mistakes!"
Mascot Gearhead
Sometimes the Mascot wears a Gavin suit, and sometimes it has a mind of it's own!
Rose Kellner
Coding, Build
This is my third year on the team. I joined because of my love for math, science, and figuring out how stuff works, and have loved every minute of my time here on this team.
Gavin Peabody
Mascot and morale
Gavin is our Mascot extrodinaire! He does a great job at team meetings keeping everyone happy, and at competitions he dances in full robot costume and gains attention for our team.
Kincade Wilson
Kincade is on build team. He comes to us from St. John's prep. He has served the team as a "human player" and a "drive mentor" at competition.


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